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Premium Vs. Standard

Our recommended Premium service will keep your headlights clear for years to come. However, not everyone's situation necessitates the need for that, so we offer a more affordable option with our Standard service. For those that don't mind putting in a little effort here and there to maintain their headlights, this could be a good option. Conversely, for those that are of the "get 'em cleaned once and forget about it" mindset, our Premium service is the way to go.


The key difference is the clearcoat we apply, and therefore the expected amount of time your headlights will maintain their clarity. Premium provides superior protection with a 2 in 1 clearcoat + hardener mix by SprayMax (left) that is expected to keep your headlights clear for 5 + years. Standard protects your headlights with Chemical Guys JetSeal, which provides UV protection for up to a year or longer if well-maintained (right).

SprayMax Headlight Restoration Clearcoat

5+ years

of estimated protection

Chemical Guys Jetseal Headlight UV Sealant

9-12 months

of estimated protection

We strongly encourage our customers to select Premium as the SprayMax product is undoubtedly the more durable, commercial-grade clearcoat. But for those that don't mind ongoing maintenance, Standard can be a good option!

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