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Our headlight restoration solution truly does stand the test of time. How can we say this so confidently? In short, we CLEAN them the right way...and most importantly, we PROTECT them the right way.

Why do headlights oxidize?

The front end of your car endures the most abuse from the outdoors. Your headlights particularly are constantly exposed to harmful sunlight, rain, and bugs...not to mention a barrage of dirt, grime, rocks, harsh chemicals, and all manner of debris from the road. All of these– worst of all being UV rays from the sun– gradually contribute to the deterioration of your headlights' factory-sprayed UV clearcoat. Once its lost it's integrity, the clearcoat is susceptible to oxidation and yellowing, and if neglected for too long can even penetrate through to the plastic lens of the headlight itself.


Since most cars today are manufactured with polycarbonate (plastic) lenses, the need for a durable, resilient clearcoat is a MUST for long term protection. That's why, even after your headlights have been cleaned, they need to be PROTECTED correctly, lest they will yellow again. Thankfully, you've come to the right place.

Why not try myself?

There are many quick fixes for oxidized headlights, all of which are just that– a quick fix (and often disappointing). A simple YouTube search will bring up a myriad of low budget DIY solutions, ranging anywhere from using OFF! Bug Spray, to WD40, to even toothpaste (yes, toothpaste!) to clean your foggy headlights. These DIY "solutions" yield subpar results at best, and your headlights are guaranteed to yellow and oxidize within months or weeks (or even days!) later.


Headlight restoration kits from the local auto parts store, on the other hand, can yield better results. Even someone with little to no sanding experience can achieve a significantly clearer finish within an hour or less thanks to such kits. Unfortunately, the problem remains the same: your headlights will yellow again– this time even faster.


The truth is, once the factory-sprayed UV clearcoat has either been removed via sanding or otherwise deteriorated, your headlights are even more vulnerable to the elements than they were before. Even if you can get them to look clean, they're EXPOSED...and it's just a matter of time before you'll have to clear off a fresh layer of yellowing and oxidation. The key, then, to a quality restoration job is more than just achieving crystal clear lens clarity. Rather, it's how long they STAY crystal clear before they oxidize again.

Why do headlights oxidize?
Why not try myself?
The MAUI Difference
Bowling Green KY Headlight Restoration


Our commitment to quality is unmatched– our professionals will get them clean, and most importantly KEEP them clean. Longevity is the name of the game with headlight restoration, and that's why we offer our customers our Premium service that provides ultimate, multi-year protection. Superior to any other means of restoring headlights, our Premium service revives your headlights' crystal clear clarity and protects them with a resilient, commercial-grade clearcoat that will stand the test of time. Crystal clear for years to come– that's the MAUI Difference.





The best option for your headlights– crystal clear clarity and multi-year protection with our durable, commercial-grade clearcoat application.

5+ years

of estimated protection

9-12 months



The next best option after Premium, we'll get your headlights crystal clear and provide suitable protection with a strong UV sealant.

of estimated protection

"They did a phenomenal job on my Lexus RX 350. I love my SUV and it looks great but then you’d see the headlights and they looked awful. Andrew worked diligently to get my headlights back to looking new. Very reasonable pricing considering what replacements would have cost. Very professional work. I could not be happier with the results. The work done is definitely pro."

-David c.

"Michael did an incredible job on my headlights. He came to my work and finished in an hour and a half. It was so convenient and my headlights look amazing!"

-EriN H.

"Andrew came to me and did my headlights while I was in class!! And they look amazing! Good pricing as well! Definitely will do business with them again."

-Madison K.

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